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E. C. Fennell, P. A. is an engineering and consulting company headquartered in West Palm Beach Florida. ECF provides engineering consultation and technical solutions to a number of utility clients. ECF's core business is to serve Utility Companies, Private Development Projects and Public Municipal Agencies on an array of projects. Our expertise is in energy consulting, building systems engineering design and construction administration. Our services are tailored to meet industry guidelines, technological advances, and most importantly client, project and system needs.
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Shauna Hawkins


Everett Fennell

Managing Principal

Jolie Gonzalez

Director of Distribution Services

May Akhtarkhavari

Manager of Distribution Engineering

Warren Andrews, P.E.

Business Development & Marketing Manager

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Control Systems, Distributed Generation, Engineering & Construction, Generation Equipment, Power Quality, Power-line Communication, Renewable Energy, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Substations, Transmission & Distribution