Exacter, Inc.

1105 Schrock Road, Ste 401 Columbus, OH 43229


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Organization Overview

EXACTER®, Inc. is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company that focuses on electric utilities worldwide. Exacter’s multiple patents and trade secret algorithms create a platform technology for providing unique visibility into grid health, identifying areas of safety and system risk, and informing asset management and intelligence-based reliability initiatives.

EXACTER® is a strategic information tool for managing multiple aspects of overhead distribution reliability and asset management. Exacter’s predictive process provides information that accurately identifies specific points of weakness across a utility’s power grid. Exacter’s patented technology identifies and locates RF Failure Signature™ emissions on overhead equipment. A powerful data-analysis engine processes field data and presents results in map, spreadsheet, satellite photo, and GIS-compatible formats. Exacter’s unique process allows the survey of large geographic areas accurately and efficiently in a matter of weeks. Exacter health assessment data provides actionable intelligence for the development of new reliability and grid performance strategies.