Energy Reps, Inc. - a GHMR company

2336 E Ocean Blvd Suite 70 Stuart, FL 34996



Member Since: 2016

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Organization Overview

Energy Reps has a rich history dating back to 1980 when it was formed as GHMR in the New Orleans, LA area by two enterprising agents. In 2000, the company became employee-owned, expanded its reach to cover eleven southern states, and adopted the name “Energy Reps” in Texas and Oklahoma.

Over the years, Energy Reps continued to grow and expand its territories. In 2009, it added Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico to its footprint, while GHMR expanded to include the Carolinas in the east.
Photo of Energy Reps, Inc. - a GHMR company


Brian Brand

SR. Inside Sales Representative

Joe DiBartolomeo

Account Manager

Kashyap Naik

Sales and Application Engineer

Mike Halle

Vice President - Florida & Carolinas

Stephen Taylor

Steven E. Johnson

Account Manager

Thomas S. Wichers


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