FMEA Frequently Used Acronyms

AC: Annual Conference

AM: Associate Member

AMOY: Associate Member of the Year

APPA: American Public Power Association

BES: Beaches Energy Services, Jacksonville Beach

BSC: Building Strong Communities (annual award and FMEA program)

CC: Customer Connections (customer-service focused committee)

CFTOD: Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

COOP: Electric Cooperative

COT: City of Tallahassee

DEM: Florida Division of Emergency Management

DEP: Department of Environmental Protection

DFPP: Diversity in Florida Public Power

E&O: Engineering and Operations

EC: Executive Committee

ECA: Electric Cities of Alabama

ECC: Energy Connections Conference

ECG: Electric Cities of Georgia

EEI: Edison Electric Institute (IOU national association)

EOC: Emergency Operations Center

EOG: Executive Office of the Governor

ESF: Emergency Support Function (used in the EOC)

FAASSTeR: Florida Alliance for Accelerating Solar and Storage Technology Readiness

FDACS: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

FDEM: Florida Division of Emergency Management

FECA: Florida Electric Cooperative Association

FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FLC: Florida Lineman Competition

FMBA: Florida Municipal Broadband Alliance

FMEA: Florida Municipal Electric Association

FMPA: Florida Municipal Power Agency

FMPP: Florida Municipal Power Pool

FPL: Florida Power & Light

FPSC: Florida Public Service Commission

FPU: Florida Public Utilities

FPUA: Fort Pierce Utilities Authority

GCS: Green Cove Springs

GIS: Geographic Information Systems

GRU: Gainesville Regional Utilities

GRWG: Government Relations Working Group (APPA)

HLN: Headline News

HPS: Homestead Public Services

IOU: Investor-owned utility (private utility company)

IT: Information Technology

JEA: formerly known as Jacksonville Electric Authority – but is just now JEA

KEYS: Keys Energy Services

KUA: Kissimmee Utility Authority

L&R: Legislative and Regulatory (Legislative and Resolutions for APPA)

LCEC: Lee County Electric Cooperative

LE: Lakeland Electric

LWB: Lake Worth Beach

MA: Mutual Aid

MAC: Mutual Aid Committee (APPA)

MEAG: Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia

MOY: Member of the Year

NARUC: National Association of Regulatory Commissioners

NERC: North American Electric Reliability Corporation

NRECA: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

NSBU: New Smyrna Beach Utilities

OEU: Ocala Electric Utility

OT: Operational Technology

OUC: Orlando Utilities Commission

PP: Public Power

PSC: Public Service Commission

PURC: Public Utility Research Center

REC: Renewables & Efficiency Committee

RFP/RFI: Request for proposals/request for information

RICE: Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine

SERT: State Emergency Response Team

S&T: Safety and Training

T&D: Transmission and Distribution

TLH: Tallahassee

TEA: The Energy Authority

TECO: Tampa Electric Company

TVPPA: Tennessee Valley Public Power Association