Hometown Connections


Hometown ConnectionsHometown Connections, Inc. is a non-profit utility services organization specializing in the unique challenges of community-owned utilities. Our consultants and vendor partners will help you streamline business processes, enhance customer service, improve security, develop plans for the future, and much more.

A Hometown Connections affiliate, the Florida Municipal Electric Association shares with its members information about the mission and benefits of the organization. FMEA also helps Hometown Connections develop products and services that address the needs of Florida public power communities.

Hometown Connections believes in preserving the benefits of living and working in communities that own and operate their own utility services.

  • We focus on what can be done with your resources and can plan incremental improvements.
  • We help utilities leverage in-house skills and acquire new ones.
  • We design business strategies and purchasing plans that fit utility budgets.
  • We provide solutions that enhance customer engagement and delivery of customer service.
  • We improve cooperation between the city and utility organizations.
  • We make sure business systems operate more efficiently and people more effectively.
  • We foster strong working relationships among employees, leadership, and the governing board.
  • We are a change partner, standing by community-owned utilities for the long term.

Serving community-owned utilities of every size and type, Hometown Connections delivers solutions that are innovative and affordable. Hometown Connections provides products and services to develop all areas of your utility business including:

  • Operations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Strategy
  • Customer Care
  • Finance
  • Workforce
  • Technology

Community-owned utilities turn to Hometown Connections for help with complex and critical needs. Let us help you navigate today’s challenges and drive forward to a powerful future. Benefit from our more than 20 years’ experience of guidance and access to quality solutions that cater to community-owned utilities.

Hometown Connections has helped grow over 900 community-owned utilities, with a track record for providing exceptional service and unbiased advice. Ask any one of our clients—Hometown Connections understands the unique needs of a community-owned utility.

For information on the products and services offered by Hometown Connections, visit www.hometownconnections.com. Or send an email to info@hometownconnections.com