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E.C. Shreve, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award

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The Lifetime Achievement Award is a high honor awarded to an individual who has devoted a significant part of their career to the advancement of public power in Florida. 

Criteria and Selection Process:  Any current or former employee or official of any Regular, Associate, or Affiliate Member, or of the Association itself is eligible. Nomination of candidates for the Lifetime Achievement Award may be made by any FMEA Regular Member. Nominations must be made in writing to the Executive Director. The Lifetime Achievement Award is selected periodically based on a nomination received or by the Executive Director with input from the Executive Committee.

Previous Recipients:
  • William J. Peebles, 2022
  • Joel Ivy, 2022
  • Rob McGarrah, 2021
  • Fred Bryant, 2018
  • Vince Ruano, 2013
  • Robert Padron, 2007
  • Michael Kurtz, 2006
  • Nicholas Guarriello, 2006
  • Robert Siegel, 2001