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Organization Overview

Transforming ideas into reality® since 1958, GAI Consultants is an engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firm that provides customized solutions to the Power Delivery market.
GAI’s teams have delivered their expertise to the electric utility industry for more than 30 years, completing thousands of projects designing transmission and distribution lines, underground lines, and substations over many terrains and around the globe. Our siting, outreach, environmental, and permitting staff work in coordination with our engineering staff to provide a range of capabilities for our clients.
We understand that each client’s process is different, and we tailor our approach accordingly. Our clients have come to rely on this approach and on our deep knowledge of the standards and schedules required to keep fast-paced projects on track.
Some of GAI’s Power Delivery services include:
• Underground line and manhole design (69kV to 345kV)
• Overhead line, pole, tower, and foundation design (34.5kV to 765kV)
• Overhead and underground distribution and manhole design (up to 34.5kV)
• Substation siting, permitting, equipment layout, and civil design (up to 500kV)
• Substation power transformer, breaker, capacitor bank, and switch replacement design
• P&C design
• EPC scope of work development for transmission, distribution, and substation projects
• Highway and stream crossing permitting
• Topographic and property surveying
• Construction monitoring, administration, and cost estimating
• Subsurface investigations and stabilization
• Siting, licensing, and public outreach
• Environmental studies and permitting
• Cultural resources
• Endangered species surveys
• Protective Relay Settings and Studies
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Stephen Anthony

Vice President, Power Delivery Engineering Business Development Director

Robert Steinmetz

Senior Engineering Manager

Samuel Bouvier

Engineering Director

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