Irby Construction A Quanta Services Company

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Member Since: 2021

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Organization Overview

IRBY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY builds power infrastructure on a turnkey basis. As a premier transmission construction company, we have built high-voltage power line projects that span the entire United States— from the pacific coast to the eastern seaboard. Our work has even taken us to other countries across the globe. Irby also constructs and connects substations and distribution systems. So, our scope of services covers power delivery systems every step of the way—from generation, down the line and into homes and businesses.
Photo of Irby Construction A Quanta Services Company


Tina Richardson

Marketing Communications Specialist

Cade Skuza

Project Manager

DJ Alberty

Assistant Project Manager

Emma Workman

Project Manager

John Thompson

Business Development Manager

Kyle Ramsey

Sr. Program Manager

Lauren Bair


Lindsey Wise

Director of Relationship and Brand Management

Rick Jackson

General Superintendent

TJ Ridgeway

Director of Distribution Design and Engineering

Zach Holub

Regional Safety Director

Storm Response Categories

Line Crews, Utility Contractor

Buyer's Guide Categories

Concrete Poles, Electrical Supplies, Energy Management, Engineering & Construction, Fiber-Optic, Gas Pipeline, Operations Management, Power-line Communication, Utility Equipment, Voltage Regulators & Controls