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Organization Overview

For more than 35 years, Leidos has aligned engineering, advanced technologies, and business knowledge to create forward-thinking solutions to help utilities solve complex problems. We apply our experience with equipment in generation, transmission, substations, and distribution to help our clients plan and design the electric system of the future. Leidos can help utilities navigate the magnitude and complexity of distributed generation or a smart grid initiative to address current challenges with flexibility for future demands. We leverage new approaches to help utilities determine, prioritize, and implement effective grid hardening measures while taking advantage of customized tools and advanced technologies. When extreme weather events occur, Leidos is able to provide storm assessment support when utilities need it most. In addition, Leidos assists utilities in achieving mandated environmental goals by developing robust electrification programs and clean energy initiatives, as well as, evaluating the impact of distributed renewable resources that reduce carbon footprints while maintaining reliable energy delivery.

Our recognition as an industry leader is confirmed by the latest national rankings by Engineering News-Record (ENR), which ranks Leidos in the top 4 Transmission and Distribution Firms and number 11 in Power Firms. In addition to our national and global footprints, we are also one of the largest engineering vendors for electric utilities in Florida.

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Selvin H. Dottin

Senior Project Manager

Chris Houle

Division Manager, Power Delivery Solutions

Craig R. Shepard

Principal Analyst

John Gawron

Section Manager, Substation Engineering

Joni Batson

Vice President, Emerging Technologies

Joseph Blackwell

Director, Commercial Energy Solutions

Kathy Beaman

Section Manager, Transmission Engineering

Lisa Washington

Event Coordinato

Mike Schad


Reginald Ferguson

Engineering Manager

Robert Jennings

Account Manager

Sridhar Chouhan

Senior Engineer

Thomas Cooney

Section Manager, Distribution Engineering

Tyler Patton

Vice President, System Planning

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