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Organization Overview

The modern Wesco was founded in 1922, but the company’s roots can be traced back to the time of visionary entrepreneur, George Westinghouse (1846-1914). Acclaimed in his lifetime for his pioneering work in railroad technology, natural gas distribution, and alternating-current electrical systems, Westinghouse also worked to ensure that these technological breakthroughs reached customers all across the United States.

In fact, as early as the late 1880s, immediately after founding Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, George Westinghouse worked with regional agents of a new ‘Westinghouse Electric Supply company’ to provide natural gas and electrical power to cities, rail lines, and roads from coast to coast. Competition was fierce, and these distribution representatives worked hard on the front lines of the business to help customers understand the possibilities of emerging technologies. Whether conducting onsite analysis or interviewing people coast-to-coast about their interest in electric lighting, WESCO’s innovative instinct to serve the customer first was directly shaped by George Westinghouse himself.