Judge's Q&A Fourm

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Apprentice Events

  • You will be given a 8’ piece of 3/8 three strand rope.
  • Extendo Sticks will be provided by Utility Solutions
  1. Do they have to just tie the knots or do they have to tie them around the pole?
    A: Must be tied around the pole.

  2. Will there be wire on this event?
    A: There will only be a straight through neutral conductor on this event, no primary wires.

  3. Does the rope have to be untied from pole after knots are completed?
    A: The rope must be removed after knots are tied.

  4. Can we use our personal extendo stick?
    A: No, this event is sponsored by Utility Solutions and everything will be provided except your handline.
  5. Can we see a photo of the head attachment that will be used on the extendo?
    A: See photo.

Event Specs PDF

  1. What is the length of the fuse door in the fused cut out?
    A: See photo.
  2. What size fuse will be provided?
    A: 25T.

  3. Is there a designated spot and measurement from the pole where the hot stick will be placed?
    A: The bag and stick will be hung at neutral.

  4. Do we have to trim the tail of the fuse?
    A: Yes, tail must be trimmed.

  5. Will the cap have a spine to screw the fuse in?
    A: No.

  6. Is this (photo) how the hot stick will be hung?
    A: Yes.

Event Specs PDF

  1. Will we need to skin the wire during the event or in our set up time?
    A: During the set up time.

  2. What is the orientation of the 4 way blocks off the bushings of the transformer?
    A: See photo 01.

  3. Is the secondary connector on the open wire going to be a single bolt or two bolt connector?
    A: See photo 02.

  4. Once the jack door is open, are the open secondaries considered dead? Will contact on the open secondaries be a gig?
    A: Once the door is open the secondaries are considered dead and there will be no gig for incidental contact. Prolonged contact other than rubber gloved hands will result in a deduction. 

  5. What size is the nut on the one bolt clamp?
    A: 9/16

  6. What are the lengths of the precut legs?
    A: Hot leg 55" & 41" neutral 41".

  7. Can we shape and put tape on the new wire during setup time?
    A: Yes.

  8. Can you share a picture of the  head on the extendo stick?
    A: Competitors will provide their own extendo sticks.

Journeyman Events

  1. What size nuts are on the disconnect bracket?
    A: 3/4 bug wrench will fit it. It’s the square nuts on a carriage bolt.
  2. Do we have to open the switch after macking ?

    A: You must open the switch prior to lifting the jumpers with approved switching methods.  

  3. Are we able to hang the handline over the neutral, without covering the neutral?
    A: As long as the block is under the neutral.

  4. When we are making our way up to the neutral, can we buckle over before covering or do we need to cover it before passing it?
    A: Refer to the 17th edition APPA safety manual for energized work.
  5. When covering the good disconnect switch do we need to have the bad switch and it’s phase covered first?
    A: You must maintain M.A.D. at all times.

  6. After the Mac is in place are we allowed to remove the jumpers by hand or do we need to open the switch first?
    A: You must open the switch prior to lifting the jumpers with approved switching methods.  
  7. Do we need to cover the phase before removing the jumper and rolling it back to the hotline clamp or do we need to have a blanket in place first?
    A: You must maintain M.A.D. at all times.
  8. Can we make up new switch in setup time? 
    A: Yes, it can be made up during setup time.

Event Specs PDF

  1. Are stove pipes on the lower conductor sufficient, even though a small portion of the saddle/shoe may still be exposed?
    A: It will not be required to cover the shoe up however; it needs to be all the way up to the hardware and maintain its position.

  2. If we don’t have access to 35kv cover up, will distribution cover on sticks be sufficient?
    A: Rated cover must be used.

  3. Are the top of the bells going to have a slip hook with eye also?
    A: See diagram. It will be the Hubbell “HB30L”

  4. Will the hooks already be on the new bell or will we have to swap them over?
    A: No you will not have to swap the attachments. Due to material issues we will have the attachments on both sets of bells.

Event Specs PDF

  1. Can your ground man assist with putting the gloves on and can he tag out the legs for the hurtman?
    A: The ground men can help tool up, glove up, and tag out the handline once time has started. Refer to note under #1 in the event spec.

Event Specs PDF

NOTE OF CHANGE: The neutral spacing has changed from 104” from the top of the pole to 90” from the top of the pole.

  1. Can you post pictures of how the transformer neutral connections are made?

    A: See 8 photos.

    Photo 1 | Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6Photo 7Photo 8
  2. Can the transformer be relocated with the wire attached to it?
    A: The wire can not be attached to the bushing, as these are real transformers and could be damaged with any down pressure.

  3. What size wrench does it take for the H bushing, X bushing and the case ground connections?
    A: The wrench sizes are 9/16 and a 3/4 for the case ground.
  4. Can you headache the old ties and grommets?
    A:  Refer to general rules under 2 point deductions.

  5. Is the transformer required to come all the way to the ground before being installed on the new pole?
    A: The transformer must be relocated from the old pole to the new pole utilizing rated and proper rigging techniques.  

  6. When can the ground be removed?
    A: The ground wire can be removed once all wire is tied in, transformer relocated, with permanent connections made, and the climber on the pole the neutral is moved to is belted below it.