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Apprentice Events

15kVA Arrester Change – Submit question

  1. Can you send picture of how the arrestor connections are made?

    • Photo 1    
    • Photo 2

    Note: Photo with the arrestor cap off for clarity.

  2. Will the end of the copper wire be straight through the arrestor connection, or will the wire be bent?

    A: The copper bond is attached to tank by the mounting bolts and then to bottom of arrestor. The jumper wire has crimps on both ends.

  3. Do you have to disconnect the neutral or just both hot legs?
    A: All three legs must be removed.

  4. Do you have to cover both ends of the hot legs once they have been pulled from the transformer?
    A: No

  5. Assuming the nut has to come all the way off on the top side of the Arrester, since it has a crimped connection?
    A: Yes, the nut will have to come off.

  6. Will you be able to pull the cutout door during setup time, retract the extension stick to simulate a blown fuse?  Or will time start and then extend the extension stick to open fuse door?
    A: To clarify the time starts when the judge says go. The extendo will fully retracted till judge says go then the apprentice will run the stick up and pull the fuse door down using the eye of the cutout.

  7. Do you have the change the bracket and arrestor or can you change just the arrestor and leave the original bracket on the transformer?
    A: Just the arrestor has to be changed.

H-Frame Crossover – Submit question

  1. Can two primary safetys be used?
    A: Competitors are only allowed to use one primary and one secondary (repositioning) safety.
  2. Must your primary safety be placed back on above the cross arm or is just your secondary safety sufficient?
    A: Refer to the “General Information and Rules” under “Mandatory Full Fall Arrest”. 

Hurtman Rescue – Submit question

  1. Are we going off the written instructions or the color picture for the neutral location?
    A: Refer to the written specs.

Written Test – Submit question

  1. What will be on the 2023 test?
    A: Study materials: 16th Edition APPA Safety Manual Definitions
              • 100 General Rules
              • 400 Personal Protective Equipment
              • 500 Electric Utility Operations
              • Competitors packet "General rules and deductions"

Journeyman Team Events

12kV Capacitor Replacement – Submit question

  1. How heavy is the capacitor we will be replacing?
    A: The capacitor will weigh approximately 60 pounds.

  2. How is the capacitor attached to the bracket? Is it a nut a bolt assembly. Or threaded/tapped bracket?
    A: The capacitor rack is threaded and a 3/8” bolt is what holds the capacitor down to the rack. There are 2 bolts total and it takes a 9/16” wrench to remove/install them.

12kV Dead End Insulator Change Out – Submit question

  1. If the grip is a point of control and the insulator is a point of control; then why must we add another point of control?  
    A: Refer to the event specifications #8, the grip is not a point of control for the jumper.
  2. If we do not belt above the neutral do we still need to cover the opposite side of the primary?
    A: The event specifications #9 was an oversite and it only has to be covered if you are going to belt off over the neutral.  

  3. Can the jumper be held by the groundman?
    A: The jumper must be controlled from the pole.

  4. Why are we holding the #4 coated jumper for a point of contact when you already have it tied in with the jug and grip or shoe on it?
    A: Refer to the event specifications #8, the grip is not a point of control for the jumper.

  5. Is the insulator a point of control for the jumper?
    A: Yes.

  6. Which way will the pins be facing?
    A: All of the cotter keys will be on the same side as the jumper.

  7. Could you post a picture of the material?
    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4
    Photo 5
    Photo 6

  8. If someone is holding the jumper and the other person is unpinning the dead side of the insulator wouldn’t that be working two different potential’s on a jumper that shouldn’t be able to reach the pole seems to be creating a hazard?
     A: The dead side of the insulator is at the same potential as the pole.

  9. Is the jumper hard tied or on hot line clamps?
    A: The jumper will be connected with AP connectors on each side.

  10. There is nowhere on #8 or anywhere else in the event that states that the grip is not a point of control, yet it is mentioned twice in the Judges Forum that it is not a point of control per #8. The only way the grip could not be considered a point of control would be if it failed and dropped the conductor. It is a point of control by the fact that it is holding the conductor up. Please reconsider your response or re-clarify, thank you.
    A: We are not considering that the grip is a point of control on the “jumper”.

  11. Can we hang a hotboard?
    A: No, this is a hotstick only event, no hotboards.

Top Circuit 4kV Crossarm Change Out – Submit question

  1. Does the bottom circuit have to be covered?
    A: You must maintain M.A.D. from any uncovered energized conductor.

Vertical Hurtman Rescue – Submit question