Communication Officer - City of Quincy

Posted By: Garnie Holmes Career Center,

City of QuincySpecialized clerical work on a shift receiving calls from the general public, other governmental agencies and dispatching officers for both emergency and non-emergency services.

Illustrative Duties:

  • Operates radio transmitter to dispatch officers to disturbances, crime scenes, accidents or similar situations requiring law enforcement personnel. Receives and relays requests for instructions and information both to and from field personnel.
  • Maintains records of all assigned units as to location, availability and equipment. Coordinates movements of several law enforcement units to affect a convergence of personnel engaged in pursuit or blockade. Maintains records of all radio transmissions. Monitors the inter-city radio.
  • Operates Public Safety telephone system. Monitors and responds to the local government radio channel. Maintains a variety of records.
  • Maintains current directories of emergency and nonemergency phone numbers.
  • Operates computer terminals for queries for information from field units and detective bureau providing wanted information on subjects and property. Enters stolen or missing property/persons into the computer. Maintains related files and records.
  • Maintains communications with other U.S. law enforcement agencies.
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