FPUA Offers Plan to Assist Commercial Customers Affected by COVID-19 Crisis

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted) Industry,

FPUAFPUA has implemented multiple measures to help our customers during this crisis such as suspending disconnections and waiving penalty and late fees for all of our customers. Additionally, the FPUA Board approved reducing the Power Cost Adjustment by $2.00 until further notice.

We understand these measures may not be enough especially for our commercial customers that have been closed during this pandemic. For any commercial customer that is experiencing financial hardship, please take advantage of the COVID-19 payment program at zero (0%) interest. The minimum amount to avoid interruption of service will be the past due balance minus your deposit requirement. Then, the remaining balance can be paid over a period of six (6) months. Example: $2,400 past due balance with a $1200 deposit requirement. Minimum payment now is $1200 and remainder of balance over 6 months at $200 per month.

This program will be available until July 1, 2020 so please contact our commercial liaison representative at 772-466-1600, extension 3243 at your earliest convenience to register for this program and to avoid interruption of service.

All of our customers are encouraged to pay their bill each month to the extent possible. If you need to make payment arrangements to avoid interruption of service, please call us at 772-466-1600 to speak to a customer service representative. Please be patient as you may experience long wait times as we try to work closely with each and every customer.