Power Plant Operator/Mechanic - KUA

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KUAGeneral Definition of Work
Performs responsible skilled and routine technical work in the operation of the generating plant. Performs routine skilled work assisting in the maintenance and repair of power generating and auxiliary equipment. Does related work as required. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Shift Supervisor O/M.

Typical Tasks
Operates and maintains combustion and steam electric generating units and associated equipment. Repairs and inspects equipment and parts in the gas and steam turbines and related auxiliary equipment. Make periodic and daily inspections of all machinery. Adjusts and rebuilds valves. Replaces gaskets, repairs leaks, cleans filters, lubricates and overhauls equipment. Make daily, monthly and annual inspections as required. Monitors, observes, and maintains conditions that affect operation of the plant. Monitors, observes, and analyzes equipment and systems characteristics. Takes actions required to correct or change a condition as needed. Takes readings, keeps logs and records. Performs routine periodic equipment checks and tests in accordance with standard operating practices, policies, and procedures. Works with other power plant personnel to start up, troubleshoot, or shut down equipment as required for corrective or preventive maintenance. Observes and adheres to proper tag out and lockout of plant equipment and systems in accordance with clearance procedures, policies, and practices. Provides training and instruction to other personnel and advises the Shift Supervisor O/M on level of job knowledge, skills and abilities of personnel in training. Attends training courses and studies independently to learn operation and maintenance requirements of power plant facilities, equipment, and operation. Complies with information provided on Material Safety Data Sheets for all products. Handles and stores items properly. Assists with cleaning of plant facilities and equipment and general housekeeping. May be required to transport, mix, handle or use hazardous materials or chemicals. May be required to train and perform duties in emergency egress, accidental spill incidents, and other safety-related emergencies. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
General knowledge of operation, maintenance, startup and shutdown procedures and practices of central electric generating station steam and combustion turbine generators and auxiliary systems, methods, materials and tools used in repairing mechanical and electrical equipment, safe operating and maintenance practices and procedures of high pressure utility boiler components including drums, headers, superheaters, reheaters, and associated valves, piping and assemblies. General knowledge of power plant auxiliary systems including electrical switchgear and breakers, fuel handling equipment, cooling towers, heat exchangers, fan pumps and motors. Ability to perform heavy manual work in the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment. Thorough knowledge of occupational hazards, safety rules and regulations, and safety precautions. Working knowledge of potential hazards and procedures for fire and explosion prevention. Ability to read and comprehend technical bulletins, manufacturers operating instructions, and information dealing with power plant principles and practices. Ability to calculate, understand, and evaluate equipment performance including heat transfer, equipment efficiencies, water quality, and other related parameters. Ability to keep and maintain work records and make reports. Ability to read, understand, and comply with Material Safety Data Sheets. Ability to do intermediate level mathematical calculations. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to work effectively with co-workers and the general public. Ability to understand and follow complex technical oral and written instructions. Able to distinguish colors. Must be able to use personal protection equipment properly and safely as directed or assigned. Must be able to work in adverse weather and operating conditions. Must be able to climb ladders and stairways. Must be able to gain access to and work in confined spaces and elevated areas. Ability to respond to utility or plant under emergency conditions.

Education and Experience
Graduation from high school or GED supplemented with electrical training and some experience in power plant operations. Must have a valid Florida driver's license.

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