FMEA Associate Member Spotlight – American Wire Group

Association News,

FMEA’s Associate Member of the month for October is American Wire Group (AWG)

American Wire Group has been a longtime associate member of FMEA and exhibitor at our Energy Connections Conference & Trade Show. AWG is committed and connected to the challenges of the Wire and Cable Industry.

Offering a complete line of collection System Underground Cables in, Overhead Bare Aluminum T&D conductors, Industrial Power Cables, Bare Copper Conductor, Copper Clad Steel, Static Wire, Guy Wire, Aluminum Clad Steel, Substation Control Cables, Fiber Optic Cables & Hardware and OPGW. AWG also provides traffic signal cable and lighting cables for municipalities.

For additional information on American Wire Group, contact Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Josh Dorfman at (954) 551-2533 or