KUA Earns High Scores for Customer Satisfaction in 2024


KUA logoResponding promptly to customer concerns, maintaining high system reliability, and having knowledgeable and courteous employees helped Kissimmee Utility Authority to continue earning high marks for overall customer satisfaction in 2024, according to the results of a third-party survey released by the utility.

KUA's annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, which examined eight organizational characteristics, was conducted in March by research firm GreatBlue Research, Inc., via phone and online.

Organizational Characteristics


Communicating with customers

87.7 %

Responding promptly to customer questions and complaints

88.9 %

Helping customers use energy conservation      

81.8 %

Being open and honest about company operations and policies

85 %

Maintaining modern and reliable infrastructure

89.4 %

Providing good service and value for the cost of electricity

85.9 %

Community involvement

86.6 %

Overall satisfaction with KUA

91.5 %

In 2024, significantly more customers provided positive ratings for all organizational characteristics compared to 2023, and 91.5 % of residential customers reported being satisfied with KUA overall (over 86.8 % in 2023). The largest increases year-over-­year were recorded for ''helping customers with energy conservation'' (+13.5 percentage points) and ''being open and honest about company operations and policies'' (+11.5 percentage points).

When compared to GreatBlue's database of national public power customers, KUA's ratings for all eight (8) organizational characteristics were higher than ratings given by public power customers nationwide and in Florida. Most notably, overall satisfaction scored 27.3 percentage points higher than the Florida average and 23.5 percentage points higher than the national average.

“I’m extremely thankful to our customers for the high marks they gave KUA in several different categories,” said Brian Horton, KUA’s President and General Manager. “Having this important feedback from our customers is such an important part of cultivating excellent customer service.”

Additionally, over 95 % of customers were satisfied with KUA’s customer portal and text outage notifications. 

About GreatBlue Research, Inc.
GreatBlue Research Inc. is a full-service, in-house market and public policy research company utilizing a variety of methodologies, including telephone, email, web-based surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.