Lakeland Electric Celebrates 115 Year Anniversary

Posted By: Garnie Holmes Association News,

Lakeland Electric, a locally-owned municipal utility, was founded 115 years ago in 1904. Today, we mark this anniversary by launching 115 days of celebration.

This anniversary celebration will be something for our customers to not only enjoy, but for them to participate and learn more about Lakeland Electric. You will find our employees hosting fun activities at community events such as the Downtown Lakeland Farmer’s Market and First Friday, as well as sharing stories on social media about what it means to live and work in a community with a publicly-owned electric company. And be on the lookout for a special 115th anniversary limited edition image created especially for this celebration by local artist Bump Galletta!

For over a century, Lakeland Electric has stood ready to power our community through sunny days, cold fronts, and devastating hurricanes. We are proud to be your public power source, and we are committed to the City of Lakeland’s mission to create a community that works together to achieve an exceptional quality of life. Now, for the next several months, we want to give you a special peek behind the scenes at Lakeland Electric’s commitment to being Affordable, Dependable, and Sustainable.