City of Newberry Congratulates Six Leaders for Graduating from the Certified Public Manager Program


City of Newberry LogoThe City of Newberry proudly announces that six leaders have successfully graduated from the nationally recognized Certified Public Manager (CPM) program at Florida State University's Center for Public Management. These six leaders have shown exemplary commitment to serving our city and furthering their skills in public management.

The CPM program is a nationally recognized comprehensive management development program that provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the principles, practices, and issues of professional public management. The course is designed to enhance the skills of dedicated public servants and enable them to provide even higher levels of service to their communities. The two-year-long CPM program consists of 31 days of classroom instruction, supplemented by homework assignments and exams. CPM focuses on the fundamentals of leadership and management, emphasizing improving one's people skills, team leadership, and organizational effectiveness, and is designed to improve a manager's understanding of complex organizations, large systems, and policy formation.

Our CPM graduates are:

1. Jamie Jones, Assistant City Manager for Public Works & Utilities
2. Dallas Lee, Assistant City Manager and Chief Financial Officer
3. Travis Parker, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Facilities
4. Judy Rice, City Clerk
5. Tammy Snyder, Customer Service Manager
6. Bryan Thomas, Director of Planning & Economic Development 

This achievement not only demonstrates the personal and professional commitment of these individuals to excellence in public service but also aligns with the core values of the City of Newberry: Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Innovation, Leadership, and Service. We are confident that the skills and knowledge they have gained from the CPM program will significantly benefit our residents and contribute to the ongoing development of our community.

As part of the program, these leaders have gained expertise in problem-solving, organizational management, strategic planning, ethical decision-making, and more. The skills learned through the CPM program directly apply to their roles within our city government and will enhance our capacity to deliver high-quality services to our residents.

City Manager Mike New, said, "I am incredibly proud of these leaders for their dedication and hard work. Their commitment to enhancing their skills through the CPM program epitomizes the spirit of continuous learning and service that we value so highly here in Newberry. This accomplishment not only enriches their professional journey but also reinforces our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our residents."

Please join us in congratulating these exceptional public servants on their noteworthy achievements.