Florida Public Power Highlights Community Investments During National Public Power Week

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted) Association News,

Public Power Week
This year during Public Power Week (Oct. 3 – 9, 2021), the Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) is highlighting the many investments Florida public power makes in the communities they serve.

“The primary focus of every public power utility is their customers and the community they serve. As locally owned and locally operated utilities, our employees aren’t just employees – they are a part of the community and the people they serve are family, friends and neighbors,” said Amy Zubaly, FMEA Executive Director. “In order to do their part toward building stronger communities, public power utilities make all kinds of investments that benefit the people and places where they live.”

Investment in Infrastructure

Florida public power utilities invest in new distribution, transmission and generation infrastructure and technologies to improve reliability and keep the power flowing. These investments ensure the lights go on, every time, at the flip of a switch and make the grid more reliable and resilient to storms.

Investment in People

Florida public power utilities create local jobs for local residents. Florida public power employs more than 5,000 Floridians. These investments contribute to a strong economy where dollars made are spent in the local community.

Investment in the Environment

Florida public power has invested extensively in clean energy, with a goal of providing more affordable, renewable power to customers through large-scale solar projects and new and emerging technologies like battery storage and hydrogen projects. These investments ensure affordable, clean power to those who want it now, and in the future.

Investment in Community

Florida’s public power utilities provide revenue to the community to help pay for critical services, such as police and fire. These investments ensure a healthy, thriving community, with public power at its heart.

Investment in the Future

Investing in research and development, as well as cutting-edge technologies, is one way Florida public power utilities are preparing for their energy futures. These investment decisions are made by local officials who are directly accountable to the people they serve.

Not-for-profit public power utilities offer many benefits to the communities and customers they serve because they are locally owned, locally controlled and locally operated. Residents in public power communities can depend on affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible power. They also have control of their energy future because they have a say in the decisions made about their local electric utility.

One in seven Americans receive their electricity from a public power utility. There are 2,000 public power communities across the country, which employ 93,000 people. Florida has 33 public power utilities that serve more than 3 million people and employ more than 5,000 Floridians.

Public Power Week is recognized during the first full week of October every year to celebrate our customers and community, while helping them understand the importance of public power, how they can better engage with their community-owned utility and benefit from its offerings. This year marks the 35th anniversary of Public Power Week.