FMEA Associate Member Spotlight: Tri-State Utility Products

Posted By: Garnie Holmes

Tri State UtilitiesFMEA’s Associate Member of the month for February is Tri-State Utility Products, Inc.

Tri-State Utility Products, Inc. is a sales and service organization that specializes in products for electric utilities. Tri-State operates as the exclusive business partner for most of their key product lines and are staffed to market and sell technical products as they have done continuously since 1956.

Tri-State’s method of customer service is “next-day” via company vehicles and common carrier. It is their goal to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt. Their financial philosophy is to operate on a cash basis, thereby containing overhead costs. Tri-State Utility Products is a woman owned business.

For additional information on Tri-State Utility Products, Inc, contact Manager of Operations, David Dampier at