FMEA Celebrates Public Power Benefits During National Public Power Week

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted) Association News,

In honor of Public Power Week, Oct. 6 – 12, the Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) will showcase the benefits and value of public power through the association’s website and social media platforms.

Public power offers significant advantages to its communities and the customers they serve. Public power utilities are:

  • Locally owned, locally controlled and locally operated.
  • Reliable with fewer outages than other electricity providers.
  • Affordable with average monthly bills lower than the average bills of corporate utility providers.
  • Focused on energy efficiency and the environment.
  • Nimble so they can respond quickly to the community’s and customers’ needs.
  • Reinvesting dollars into their communities.

“Public Power Week is about connecting with our customers and the community and making sure they know that what matters to them is a priority for us. This means delivering affordable, reliable power, providing high-quality service, being environmentally conscious and putting the customers in control of how their electric utility is run,” said Amy Zubaly, FMEA Executive Director.

One in seven Americans receive their electricity from a public power utility. There are 2,000 public power communities across the country, which employ 93,000 people. Florida has 33 public power utilities that serve more than 3 million people and employ 5,400 Floridians.   

Public Power Week is recognized during the first full week of October every year to celebrate our customers and stakeholders, while helping them understand the importance of public power, how they can better engage with their community-owned utility and benefit from its offerings.