FMEA Welcomes Newest Associate Member – January

Posted By: Garnie Holmes Association News,

FMEA would like to acknowledge our newest Associate Member: Interactive Utility Communications. Welcome to Florida’s public power network!

Please always remember the companies who support FMEA and the Florida Public Power community first when you need to purchase goods or services!

Interactive Utility Communications (IUC) was created to support the unique business requirements for the utility industry. Whether working with an Investor Owned, Municipality, or City Government run utility services; the service and focus of their organization is to provide solutions that are extensions of the clients’ operations. IUC’s clear understanding of the industries they support enables them to apply effective and flexible solutions to suit your organization’s needs, regardless of size.

For more information, please contact: CEO/Founder Greg L. Steele at (466) 679-3714 or

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