Gov. DeSantis Announces 96% of Power Has Been Restored Just 5 Days After Hurricane Idalia’s Landfall


FL State SealToday, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that nearly 545,000 accounts, representing 96% of all accounts that lost power following Hurricane Idalia, have been restored. There are fewer than 23,000 accounts left to restore. Duke Energy, Florida Power and Light, TECO and the local co-ops and municipalities have worked together to rebuild substations, power poles and transmission lines.

“Restoring power to the homes and businesses of impacted Floridians is an important step in the recovery process and would not be possible without the hard work of our utility linemen,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “I’m glad to announce that they have been able to restore 96% of accounts less than a week after Idalia made landfall.”

In Taylor and Madison counties, the Tri-County Electric Co-op (TCEC) expects that 95% of all accounts will be restored by Wednesday, September 6. In Suwannee, Lafayette and Hamilton counties, the Suwannee Valley Electric Co-op expects that 95% of all accounts will also be restored by Wednesday, September 6. Remaining portions of the region serviced by the Suwannee Valley and Tri-County Electric Cooperatives are expected to be restored by week's end. Customers unable to safely receive power due to property or water damage will be restored as it is safe to do so.

Nearly 30,000 utility linemen, tree trimmers and tradesmen were staged in preparation for Hurricane Idalia and were able to deploy immediately following the storm. One day after Hurricane Idalia made landfall, power restoration crews were able to restore more than 425,000 accounts that could safely receive power. Crews will remain in the impacted areas until all accounts that can safely receive power are brought back online.