JEA Reducing Carbon Emissions with Closure of Plant Scherer Coal-fired Unit

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Jacksonville, FL - JEA has started off the new year with a reduced emissions footprint with the closure of Plant Scherer’s Unit 4, in Juliette, Ga.JEA has replaced coal-fired electric power from Plant Scherer with natural gas through a power purchase agreement with Florida Power & Light (FPL). JEA and FPL have jointly owned Plant Scherer, Unit 4, since 1991. Unit 4, operated by Georgia Power, ceased operations on Dec. 31, 2021. Plant Scherer is the largest coal-fired power facility in the U.S. with four power generating units. The plant’s 900MW class generating units burned Powder River Basin Coal. JEA owns 23.64% of Unit 4, and FPL controls the remaining 76.36%This decision by JEA and FPL benefits the utilities’ customers and all of us with the transition to a cleaner power source. By replacing power from Plant Scherer with natural gas, JEA has lowered operating costs, reduced operating risks and reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 1.3 million tons per year. JEA is committed to meeting our customers’ energy needs in a manner that is environmentally and economically sustainable. We continue to diversify our electric generation portfolio with the addition of renewable energy resources, including natural gas, solar and biogas.JEA has reduced its carbon emissions by 53 percent since 2007 with the closing of St. Johns River Power Park coal-fired plant and the decommissioning of Plant Scherer  JEA continues to assess our long-term commitments, adapting to industry changes and meeting customer needs. In 2022, JEA is launching its Integrated Resource Plan, which will lay out our future electric generation mix plans and strategic direction for the next two decades.