KUA Warns Against Viral ‘Outlet Challenge'

Posted By: Garnie Holmes Association News, Industry,

Kissimmee Utility Authority is warning parents of a dangerous viral internet challenge currently circulating on the social media app TikTok.

It's called the "outlet challenge," and it involves partially inserting the plug of a cell phone charger into an outlet, then placing a penny onto the exposed prongs. The result includes sparks and damage to the electrical system. In some cases, it could cause fires, injuries or even electrocution.

Parents are urged to speak with their children about how dangerous these types of challenges can be.

Here are important tips on outlet safety:

  • Never stick your fingers or any object into an electrical outlet or light bulb socket.
  • Unused wall outlets should be secured. Consider using safety outlets that prevent foreign objects from being inserted.
  • Don’t play with wires, cords, outlets, or switches.
  • Never pull an electric plug out of the wall outlet by yanking on the electric cord. Pull it out by its base. Pulling on a cord could cause damage to the appliance, the plug or the outlet.