FMEA would like to welcome our new Associate Member – Airborne Response

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Airborne ResponseFMEA would like to welcome our new Associate Member – Airborne Response

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Airborne Response

Airborne Response is a Florida-based small business specializing in Mission Critical Unmanned Solutions® to assist industry and government prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex emergencies, severe storms, and major disasters with the help of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) -- commonly referred to as "drones" -- and related services.

Their expertise includes aerial intelligence for condition assessment, power restoration, storm response, and marketing and communications. Airborne Response clients include Florida Power and Light Company (FPL), Citizens Insurance of Florida, Motorola Solutions, and more. They have experience responding to every major hurricane strike in Florida since Hurricane IRMA in 2017. Their team includes certified aviation, public safety, and emergency management experts.

For more information, contact President, Christopher Todd at

Welcome to Florida’s public power network! Thank you for your support. We appreciate your involvement with FMEA and with Florida’s public power communities.

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