FMEA would like to welcome our new Associate Member: Voyager Industries

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted)

Voyager IndustriesPlease always remember the companies who support FMEA and the Florida Public Power community first when you need to purchase goods or services!

Voyager is on a mission to solve engineering problems and dedicated to changing the way companies view their assets and manage resources. By utilizing Drones and Artificial Intelligence, they make inspections safe, fast, and very accurate. 

Voyager provides Engineering Inspection services to Energy, Telecom, Infrastructure, and Agricultural companies. Their mission is to make your workplace safer while reducing costs by deploying UAVs flown by certified & licensed pilots. They provide end-to-end drone services to quickly & easily inspect your assets with industry-leading, artificial intelligence UAS inspection software automatically recognize the anomalies and annotates them. Any problems can be quickly and accurately reviewed, identified, and prioritized.

For more information, contact President – Rut Patel at

Welcome to Florida’s public power network! Thank you for your support. We appreciate your involvement with FMEA and with Florida’s public power communities.

For more details about the benefits of FMEA Associate membership please contact FMEA Manager of Member Services & Programs, Elizabeth Bendele at 850-224-3314 ext. 1007 or