Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility begins large project

Posted By: Dave Heller (deleted) Association News, Community,

Lake Worth Beach Electric Utility has embarked on an expansive project to provide more reliable and resilient service for our customers. 

As part of our ongoing System Hardening and Reliability Improvement Program, crews are working to install poles that can withstand a Category 5 hurricane and higher with capacity distribution wires or “circuits,” which will provide the future energy needs of our customers. 

Accompanying this work, and a key component of the project, is the upgrading of the city’s substations that feed the circuits. 

Crews have begun work on a new substation at 7th Ave N which will replace an existing substation built in 1970. The new substation will be able to withstand Category 5 hurricanes and is designed to handle the increased load from the city's growth over the past 50 years, including reserve capacity for future growth. 

LE Myers, an electrical contractor and construction company, won the bid to carry out the construction. Their teams expect to complete the project around March, 2022, in time for the upgraded circuits to tie in. 

Lineworkers are working hard to minimize disruption while the work takes place. In many cases the utility’s poles are in backyards and crews use special tools to safely get in and safely remove the old pole and replace it with the new pole. 

The new poles are either wood, concrete, or iron and all are designed to withstand the worst likely weather. Part of the work includes repairing any damage to customers’ property that may occur during the project. 

This project will ensure that the city's infrastructure is ready for future storms and is the best possible investment for our customers, following the philosophy: “Do it once, do it right!” 

Although every effort is made to minimize outages during the work, occasionally they are necessary for the safety of the crews working on the line.

When an outage is required, residents will be informed ahead of time by phone and with notices on their doors. It is important to ensure your contact information is up-to-date on your electric utility account. Please contact customer service to update your email address and phone number so we can keep you informed.