OUC Evaluating Energy Efficiency Programs With Goal of Lowering Customers’ Utility Costs

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OUC - The Reliable OneInitiative includes search for consultant to help increase participation in conservation

Empowered by a commitment to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, with interim goals of 50% CO2 reduction by 2030 and 75% by 2040, OUC is reviewing its energy efficiency programs and seeks a consultant to provide expert guidance on this initiative.

OUC already offers numerous incentives, rebates and programs aimed at reducing customers’ energy consumption and has made a $30 million commitment to efficiency and conservation efforts by 2030. As part of that commitment, OUC is seeking to optimize energy-saving opportunities for residential and commercial customers. To achieve this goal, OUC has issued a request for proposals (RFP) to obtain consulting services for an Energy Efficiency Programs Evaluation vendor.

“OUC has demonstrated a longtime commitment to energy efficiency, and we’re a consistent state leader in this category,” said Linda Ferrone, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer. “But staying ahead of the curve requires innovation and forward-thinking. We consistently design and offer programs to help customers conserve energy in an effort to keep their utility costs low, and issuing this RFP helps us continue to do everything we can for our customers.”

The selected energy efficiency programs evaluation vendor will:

  • Evaluate current residential and commercial programs for effectiveness (barriers to adoption, market potential, cost effectiveness) and consider alternative programs.
  • Align program offerings to service territory for maximum adoption (focusing on measures and education appropriate to customer needs).
  • Evaluate and recommend the most effective low-income programs based on our customer demographics.
  • Recommend strategies to maximize adoption in customer programs (marketing strategy, education and outreach, financing, etc.).
  • Look at possible job creation as a result of new programs.

New technology and a rapidly changing customer base prompted OUC to solicit assistance in tailoring the best programs to provide the greatest return for its customers’ investment.

OUC’s energy efficiency programs include:

  • Efficiency Delivered – Provides up to $2,500 of energy and water efficiency upgrades in residential customers’ homes.
  • In-person and Online Energy Audits – OUC Conservation Specialists review customers’ consumption patterns and inspect homes to determine what improvements could be made to lower utility bills.
  • Residential and Commercial Rebates – OUC's current energy efficiency programs include 16 rebates tailored for residential and commercial customers designed to help them save.

The RFP is available at: https://www.ouc.com/doing-business-with-ouc/strategic-sourcing.

Submissions are due by June 17, 2021, and OUC expects to select its partner by late summer 2021.