OUC Sends Mutual Aid to Tallahassee


In preparation for Hurricane Michael’s expected arrival to North Florida, OUC is sending 21 employees and 17 trucks on a mutual aid mission to Tallahassee at 12 noon today (October 9) from OUC’s Operations Center – 6003 Pershing Avenue.

We do not know how long they will be gone, however, our employees are prepared to work 16 hour days. The crews include damage assessors with expertise in helping prioritize power restoration as well as five three-man line crews.

The OUC crews include: Jody Rodgers, Roger Hull, Jeff Lewchanin, Damon Adkinson, Donnie Hurley, Bill Bauknight, Matt Coakley, Jason Reynolds, Justin Restituyo, Mike Atout, Mark Fisher, Mitch Coakley, Richard Boley, Brian Barnett, Timothy Wills, Nick Rawlings, Nicholas Emmons, Eva Reyes, Mike Galloway, Dallas Aldridge and Tyler Brooks.