OUC's Bullock Named to Board Focused on Affordable Housing

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted) Association News,

Utility Invests in Efficiency Upgrades in Existing Parramore Homes

Clint Bullock, OUC General Manager & CEO, was named to the board of directors of the newly formed Central Florida Regional Housing Trust, a comprehensive approach to address the local housing crisis in new and innovative ways.

“I am honored to have a presence on the board,” said Bullock. “Research shows that the health and well-being of a community is reflected in its living conditions. At OUC, we believe that in addition to lower utility bills, our contribution toward energy efficiency will also create healthier living environments.”

Housing partnerships can help transform neighborhoods by connecting residents to critical neighborhood amenities, building stronger social cohesion and creating pathways to education and economic opportunity.

Last year, OUC made the commitment to support the Parramore Asset Stabilization (PASF), a collaboration between the Central Florida Foundation, Florida Community Loan Fund and New Jersey Community Capital along with the City of Orlando and other partners to improve and preserve quality, long-term, affordable rental housing through an $8 million investment. PASF purchased 83 residential units across 44 properties in Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood, with a commitment to renovate the homes and keep rents affordable.

The single and multi-family homes all had significant issues including leaky roofs and windows and, in some cases, structural hazards. And, some residents incurred utility bills that were nearly half the cost of rent. By working hand in hand with PASF from the beginning, OUC’s team of energy specialists was able to guide selection of the right materials and installation measures to help residents save on their electricity and water usage.

Today, nearly 70% of the 83 properties have been renovated with new efficient air conditioning systems, lighting, appliances, windows, toilets and water heaters.

“I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this has made in our lives,” said Shanaqua Gibson, who lives in a newly renovated home with her husband and three children.

“Before, we had holes everywhere in the kitchen. We even had issues with rats. It was horrible. Now, my family is thrilled, and I’m actually not afraid to look at my power bill.” Early estimates show significant energy savings for the South Street home.

“We are excited to be a part of this partnership, and we’re looking to expand it to possibly include additional affordable housing construction, programs that entice landlords to make homes more efficient, and innovative emerging technology pilot projects in the future,” Bullock said.