Statement: FMPA Power Plants Prepped for Hurricane Dorian

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted) Association News,

Florida Municipal Power Agency General Manager and CEO Jacob Williams issued a statement regarding preparations for Hurricane Dorian.

“FMPA and its operating partners have been busy preparing power plant sites in Kissimmee, Fort Pierce, Key West, Orlando and St. Lucie for Hurricane Dorian. The plants are as ready as they can be, and we have put contingency plans in place should some of the generating units be impacted by the storm. In certain wind conditions, the units must be shut down due to operational constraints to prevent damage. We are doing all that we can to make sure we can generate power for our member cities during and after the storm.

“Essential plant personnel will be safely sheltered at the plants during the storm. As soon as the storm passes and conditions allow, the generating fleet will be assessed, including the units that were taken offline, for any damage. Generators will then be brought back online, if possible, and as needed.”

“Hurricane Dorian is a significant storm that has the potential for life-threatening damage. We have taken steps to be prepared for its impacts, and we encourage all Floridians to do the same.”