FPUA Approaches 100% Restoration of Electric Outages Following Hurricane Ian

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted) Industry,

FPUACurrently, there are 304 FPUA customers without power due to damage caused by Hurricane Ian. FPUA crews were actively deployed to the areas impacted by Hurricane Ian as of 7:30am this morning and are still in the field to restore the remaining outages.

“The quick and safe restoration of power outages would not be possible without the hard work of our public utility system dispatchers, electric linemen, and water, wastewater, and natural gas field crews, as well as our customer service representatives who maintained open service lines 24/7 through the storm,” said FPUA’s Director of Utilities Javier Cisneros. “We are thankful for their skill and dedication, and for all of our community members who supported the safe and fast restoration of utilities by calling in outages and down lines.”

Now that Hurricane Ian's winds have passed through, FPUA’s top customer call is regarding loose lines hanging from utility poles. Those lines may be power lines.  Remember, never, ever touch a downed line or go near one. You have to always assume the power line is live. Also, don’t touch anything that is in contact with a fallen power line. It could also conduct electricity.

FPUA crews are in the field now identifying and repairing lines.

Customers who are experiencing power outages or witness downed lines are asked to report outages and downed lines by calling FPUA Customer Service at 772-466-1600, ext. 3900.

Outage information can be obtained at the FPUA Outage Map at this link: https://arcg.is/04f1ry