KUA Bills Now Available in Spanish

Posted By: Garnie Holmes (deleted) Community,

MyKUAKissimmee Utility Authority announced today that customers can now elect to receive their energy bill in Spanish in the mail or via its customer portal, my.kua.com. Customers who wish to take advantage of this new option can text “factura” to 877-582-7700. The Spanish word “factura” translates to “bill” in English.

The phone number from which the customer sends the text message must be registered to their KUA account. Once customers receive a confirmation text, the change will reflect on their next bill.

“As Osceola County’s Hispanic and Latino population continues to grow, it’s essential for KUA to enhance communication with its clients in a language they can understand,” said KUA board chairman Ethel Urbina. “This new option now allows customers to see a breakdown of their charges and usage details in Spanish.”

The addition of Spanish bills further expands the utility’s robust Spanish-language support for all interactions with customers, including the customer service call center, lobby, cashiering, KUA.com and live chat, social media, and all utility publications.